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2010-10-18 05:04:23 by ZackZwiebel

"From Eternal Perfection; Nothingness, Imperfect Somethingness was born. Truth and Oneness divided, So love, pain, misunderstanding and adventure could be. By getting farther from the source, We learn more about it every time we return."

Honestly I put this little paragraph up there because my philosophical self is the self I aspire the most to become, but in truth my last few years have been more of a philosophical dry spot and I'm only recently coming back to 'the source', to be kind of hippy like or buddhist perhaps, or they call people at my school hipsters or something, but that's probably not me. Anyone else have that, you're 16 and you feel you suddenly understand something deep and important about the nature of the world? And I swear, it wasn't even 100% because of a girl, just about 67% I think. But lately things have been going well for me and I hope to get back here and post more stuff. Also check out